Drone Services Market 2021_ Growth Trends by Manufacturers


Drones services have an evolving market for the services offered for flying drones that are either autonomously flown with the use of integrated software or by using remote controls. In the year 2021 when the pandemic hit the world drones have proved to be ideal solutions for offering various services.

From immediate delivery at peak hours to screening inaccessible areas drones have proved their high efficiency and productivity. An outgrowth of the pandemic has led to an increase in demand as the use of drones increases drastically in different sectors.

A possible reason for the increase in demand

Drone services are rapidly replacing the applications of legacy services in the commercial sector such as filmography, search, and rescue, trail surveys, trial services, etc. The usage of the front services has increased in the various civil and commercial applications due to their high endurance and affordable costing products. The drone market has incorporated new services such as artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud computing.

This is another reason for the increase in their demand in the market. In the year 2021 North America is expected to hold the largest drone services market share. The trend of online shopping from e-commerce sites, and the regulations of FAA in the US have attributed to the growth of the regional market.

Winners of the drone service market of 2021 are

Cyberhawk - UK

Sky futures Ltd.- UK

SenseFly Ltd. - Switzerland

DroneDeploy Inc. - US

Terra Drone Corporation- Japan

Persian Hawk - US

Aerodyne Group- Malaysia

These companies offer drones for various purposes in different sectors. They have a wide market in North America, Europe Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

The breakup of the primary participants in the drone services market 2021 on the different parameters.

By the type of the company:

Tier 1 - 49%,

Tier 2 - 37%,Tier 3 - 9%.

Tier 3 - 9%.

By the designation :

C level - 55%

Director level - 27%

Other - 8%

By the region:

North America- 55%

Europe - 27%

Asia Pacific - 9%

RoW - 9%

Expected Growth

The overall drone service market is expected to grow from 13.9 USD to 40.6 USD by the year 2026. The smart drone service industry concentration is relatively high and there are many producers of smart drone systems.

There are more and more new players entering the market each day. But above 60% of the market is occupied by DJI. It focuses on micro and mini products. Its top-quality products mark inclusive growth. Its market leadership is consistent with the high performance of the product and incomparable prices.

In the year 2021 North America is expected to hold the largest about 32% of the drone services market share. Followed by 30% in Europe. On the other hand, the China drone service market is also growing at a high pace.

It is expected that the end-to-end solution segment would have the highest growth owing to the demand for complete package drone services. This includes everything from piloting, operations, data analysis, and data processing.