Bangs - the spring makeover you did not know you needed


If there is something that any fashionista gladly takes from the celebrities and the way they dress and look is the hairstyle inspiration. Lately, a lot of popular faces were seen with bangs as a part of their hairstyle. Nonetheless, bangs are one of the biggest hairstyle trends this spring 2022. As explained by the hairstyle experts, bangs play a major role in someone's overall look. They shape the face and that can enhance thickness. Depending on the cut and the style of the bangs, they have the power to narrow, widen or elongate the face and deliver an entirely different look on the face. For example, narrow-cut bangs with framing pieces make the face shape look leaner and enhance the look and the cheekbones themselves.

The bangs have been present forever, and they now look great with a variety of hairstyles. One can go with chopped bangs to frame the eyes or sweep them to the side to enhance the cheekbones. Another look is to wear bangs with long hair or in a bob. The part is almost always present. They are a great addition to every hairstyle and they work great for a variety of hair textures.

There is a lot to be said about the bangs, but this spring season, these are the top styles that will look great on all those who opt for them.

Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are bangs that are cut straight across the forehead, they skin the eyebrows with very little texture. Although they look wonderful and chic, they are not suggested for those with a fine of thinning hair. That is because they will lose their effectiveness due to the lack of density in the hair.

Side swoop bangs

The side swoop bangs were a big trend in the '90s, and they are now making their comeback alongside the hair clips and the hair flips. The idea of this type of bang is to create a look of a layered bang that cascades down one side of the face. They have soft ends and keep the hair from looking too clumpy. With such style, the face gets an alluring look. These bangs can also narrow the look of the face. Most of all, they are low-maintenance and great for those who do not have the time nor the wist to commit to the bags full time.

Wispy bangs

The wispy bangs are great for fine hair. They will create the illusion of height and the volume of the haircut, and they complement the undone hair trend perfectly. This is a style that is always trendy.

Baby bangs

This year, baby bags continue to be as popular as they were before. Their length comes just between the hairline and the brows. They look and work great for straight, curly, or wavy hair, and that is what makes them so wanted and popular.