How to wear an oversized blazer like an influencer?


Even the majority of the clothes in the wardrobe remain wardrobe classic for almost the entire life some pieces go through the trend cycle. One such garment is the blazer. Quite a while ago, the go-to look that everyone wore and flaunted was a tailored, form-fitted blazer that would resemble the look of the jacket. These days, fashion is embracing some new ways of the look of the blazer, like the roomier, men-inspired silhouettes. That all of these styles are trendy now, the proof is that the influencers are already showing how to style the oversized blazer. And it looks great both for the office or a night out.

The oversized blazers today do not only apply to the traditional neutral or plaid ones. The choice is quite varied. There is an abundance of eye-catching prints and colors, as well as graphic logos. They also come with a creative way of styling the oversized blazer so that it can look fresh. They are still the go-to office pieces, but their fashionability extends to the street style as well. Influencers are already showing how to take the next step with the oversized blazers, which include playing with exciting prints, unexpected silhouettes, and cool accessories. All of these will help in transitioning the piece from work to after-work garment.

Here is some style inspiration on how to wear the oversized blazer like an influencer.


The laid-back is one of the most common and popular oversized blazer styles that you can flaunt and look like an influencer. The best laid-back style is to style the going-up top with loose denim. A cool look can be achieved with a light beige shade that will deliver a casual touch.


Menswear-inspired looks are especially trendy for the past several seasons. That means that you can style your blazer too with a masculine touch. Add a tie, white button-up shirt, black jeans, and chunky loafers. This will create a perfect balance between eccentric and soft. Add several gold jewels to add the finishing girly touch.

Monochromatic looks

The monochromatic looks never go out of style, especially when they include a statement fashion garment like the oversized blazer. If you want to look like an influencer, you can never miss an all-black look. For the spring season, bold and vibrant colors like pinks, greens, and blues will deliver an amazing effect.

Over lingerie

Lingerie-inspired looks are very in right, especially for those who want to wear their bra as a top. It is a look that is classified as "out of the comfort zone" but sliding into it can be eased up by throwing on an oversized blazer.

Dressy look

For a night out, the oversized blazer can look very elegant and stylish. It just needs a simple touch of style. The trick to achieving that is to choose a strappy tank top. Wear it under the blazer so that it does not look too much like office wear.