Pearl nail art is the newest spring nail trend


When the pandemic first started, many nail salons were forced to close and it all fell on doing the nails at home. Back then, only the nail polishes were in play, with easy manicure routines and touches that would make the nails look polished and neat. Those with more creativity tried out with some art and design that was a cool and fresh way to make the nails happy and interesting in those challenging times. But now, as everything is almost back to normal, the nail trends are back, and they do require a quick trip to the nail salon.

Among the majority of nail trends for this spring 2022, the one that stands out the most is the pearl nail art trend. There are simply many reasons to love pearls. They are elegant, timeless, and versatile. As jewelry, they look great on every garment and piece, and this spring season, they are transferring onto the nails too. Pearl accented nails and iridescent polishes are trending this spring season because they create colorful designs. On the other hand, they are very simple and elegant, so they look great in different fashion choices. Compared to the other nail art styles, the pearls are the perfect option for those who want simplicity and eye-catching pop on their nails. The looks are truly versatile, making them suitable for all nails shapes.

Here is some pearl nail art inspiration to try out this spring:

Subtle embellishments

The pearl nail art is the perfect and the most versatile nail embellishment that plays just between the elegant and the catchy. There is no better choice for spring than pearl nails. With it, one can easily achieve a statement and understated look, depending on personal preference and style. They work well for special events as well as daily manicures too. Just a pop of several pearls on one or two nails is more than enough to make a statement.

Maxed out

Completely opposite to the previous trend, comes the maxed out trend. It is something that the maximalists would simply love. One can easily opt for exaggerated pearl art on all five fingers and make the hands look "heavy" in pearls.

Pastel fever

Spring is always closely associated with pastel nail polish colors. But, when you pair the pastels with the pearls, you will get an unexpected pastel fever. You can go with pastel tips on the updated french manicure or entirely pastel nails. Whichever, the pearls will pop out.

Playful pinks

pink is always great for the spring season, and when you pair it with the pearls, you will get a total Barbie look. This is a very playful and interesting mani. You can use as many shades of pink as you want and place the pearls on top of them. The amount of pearls depends totally and just on you.

The pearl nail art is a must-try this spring season.