Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends that matter for Business


In 2021, more than 50% of companies have taken the path of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in at least one area of their business process. The reason for taking this path is not farfetched; to generate more value, revenue, and increase customer loyalty. The story becomes even more solid with the entry of Covid-19 that pushed most businesses to the realm of digitalization. There has been a massive surge in the adoption of AI globally. In this article, we would take you on a tour through the trends that matter for your business using Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Trends in AI Adoption

The adoption of AI differs in different industries based on their needs and peculiarity in the industry. When it comes to AI, four industries are at the forefront including automotive, high-tech, telecom, and assembly. These industries applied AI in achieving service operations, production designs, sales, and advertising.

AI technology trends

The trends of AI in 2021 and beyond will be used to simplify operations and allow for more efficient processes. There is a whole lot of benefits that businesses can gain from AI technology. While this is true, not all models of AI deployed will be relevant to companies and businesses. We would take a closer look at some of the AI technology trends.

AI for Surveillance and Security

AI technology has been seen being used in voice detection, video analysis, and face recognition. These are the best combinations for surveillance and security. There is an intensive exploration of AI in video surveillance and is seen in setting up flexible security systems through AI. Now, AI can easily detect suspicious activities by only using abnormal behavior patterns and not just their faces.

AI in real-time Video processing

There has always been an issue with processing real-time video streams – this problem has to do with handling data pipelines. Thanks to AI, we can now integrate pre-trained neural network models, a cloud infrastructure, and a software layer that can be applied to user scenarios. Once these components are tightly integrated, the issue of processing speed for real-time streaming is solved.

AI in healthcare

There have been great breakthroughs in the health sector owing to AI technology and trends. Some of the implementations of AI in the health care sector includes the usage of AI models and computer vision algorithm to combat COVID-19 within areas like detection, vaccine development, thermal screening, facial recognitions even with a mask, analysis of CT scans.

AI for no-code platforms

The entry of No-code AI platforms has given small companies an edge to implement powerful technology that wasn't available to them in the past but only to the big enterprises. The adoption of the No-Code platform helps businesses to attain better implementation, reduce the high cost of development, and ease of use.


There has been an evolution in the technology world and AI has become the next big thing for every business. We can easily see the evolution of AI through the present trends we have stated today. To unlock your business potential to the fullest, you need to consider AI; in, fact, you should start implementing AI in your business process.

The future of businesses is Artificial Intelligence (AI).