Best Electric Bikes in 2021


There is no denying the fact that one of the newest ways to get around town, amidst the global health crisis, is the electric bikes. These battery-powered bicycles give you a chance to skip public transit and still get to where you want faster and easier on a budget. Before now, electric bikes were thought of as bulky, inconvenient, and expensive, but all that has changed now.

Electric bikes are now very light, more powerful, and very attractive. You can go around on it, reduce fossil fuel (which is good for the environment), reduce congestion, and have a lot of fun with your electric bike. In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of the best electric bikes in 2021. Note that this list is drawn out from years of research and expertise. We don’t just put out an electric bike; we verify it through user experience, in-depth analysis, and testing.

Note: We update this list regularly.

Charge Bike City

If you are looking for a bike that is best for commuters then this is the electric bike for you. It comes with great features like full-fenders to keep mud off and a rear rack where you can pack a bag.


Battery – 418 Wh

Maximum Estimated Range – 50 Miles

Gearing – Shimano 7-speed

Motor – Bafang rear hub motor

Price - $1,699

VanMoof S3

When it comes to an electric bike that is stylish and high-tech in 2021, then you are talking about VanMoof S3. It comes with sleek designs and clean lines. That’s not all, it comes with an electronic shifter that automatically changes your gear and it also has a boost that assists when going uphill. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and gain access to numerous features.


Battery – 504 Wh

Gearing – 4 speed

Motor – Front drive

Price - $1,998

Biktrix Stunner X

This electric bike is a great bike for on-road and off-road fun. It can be regarded as an all-weather electric bike. The Biktrix Stunner X is built to keep the rider comfortable yet in control no matter the condition or terrain.


Battery – 840 Wh

Maximum Estimated Range – 40 Miles

Maximum assisted speed – 20 mph

Gearing – Shimano Alivio 9-speed

Motor – Bafang 750w mid-drive motor

Wheel diameter – 26 inches

Weight – 65.8 pounds including battery

Price - $2,799

Aventon Aventure

If you are looking for a less expensive fat tire electric bike that is below $2000, then the Aventon Aventure electric bike is your best bet. It has a color display, a beefy battery, pedal-assist, and throttle modes. In addition, you can easily remove the battery for charging.


Battery – 720 Wh

Maximum Estimated Range – 45 Miles

Maximum Assisted speed – 28 mph

Gearing – Shimano Acera 8-speed rear derailleur

Wheel diameter – 26 inches

Motor –Brushless rear hub motor

Price - $1,899


So there you have it, the best electric bikes in 2021. Enjoy your ride.